N.B.J is the unofficial forum for NEWS only°£
N.B.J was built on 27th Sep 2005, it's the initial of NEWS BOOM JAPAN.
On 1st Oct 2005, N.B.J formally opened to others.

Talking about the reason of starting N.B.J, it's because NA said: "Let's set up a place of NEWS".
Just for this simple sentence, this simple idea, NBJ is here now.
The begining of establishment was happy also tired, everyone here worked very hard just for our love.
N.B.J could grow so fast in a few month is based on all the staff's hardworking and the heart of loving NEWS, also the supporting from all members.

The growth of N.B.J could say is being quite stable now.
The subtitle team is producing all the video files of NEWS
We've got specify staff to translate the J-WEB DAIRY and REPORT of each NEWS member.
And the scan team is sacnning the 5 main Japanese magzines and other magzines related to NEWS.

Our activiy area would hold special trivia every month or on special days, the champion would be awarded the right of using VIP ID one month (- The ID which are not restricted to all the hidden threads)

Also another charming point of N.B.J is our spam zone, everyone can freely chat there.
However due to the finite resource of our server, we put some restriction in the spam zone. But it wouldn't influence your communication^_^